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The Arkansas Digital Product Motion Picture Rebate is 20-30% on goods, services, and cast/crew rendered in Arkansas. This is a rebate, NOT a tax credit. That means money directly back into your pocket. Locations in Arkansas are very easy to procure. Local businesses and residents are often eager to allow shooting at low to no compensation. Arkansas is a right to work state ripe with crew and talent across all facets of production and home to one of the largest Blu-ray and DVD distributors in the world (Walmart) and their online platform, VUDU.

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  • Rockhill knows that careful and creative planning combined with the right tools and professional, highly-skilled crew are essential in getting a project started and transforming that vision into a product. We offer services through the entire process of film making, from pre-production to post-production.


  • Working with Rockhill can include assistance with tax credits, budgeting, staffing, location scouting, equipment rental, set design and construction, editorial, color grading, compositing, sound design, and original music composition.



  • Rockhill Studios works nationally with producing partners to see projects come to life.
  • As Co-Producers, we can be involved as little or as much as suits your production company’s needs.

Video Production Services Fayetteville

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  • Rockhill specializes in Arkansas tax incentive lending. Our experience and reputation in the state affords us many opportunities to offer huge savings for feature length film projects.
  • The decision to shoot in Arkansas is made easier when you work with partners that know how to utilize every incentive available and can assist in making sure every dollar is well-spent.



  • Rockhill understands the importance of the early stages of film production. We provide services that can help with all the details necessary to develop a production from concept to script to screen
  • We are always seeking great innovative content and want to purchase intellectual properties to help move projects along

Video Production Services Fayetteville