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Let us give you a few reasons why you should. In fact, they were the first state to offer a rebate.

  • The Arkansas Digital Product Motion Picture Rebate is 20% on goods and services purchased in Arkansas, with an additional 10% for Arkansas resident cast/crew. This is a rebate not a tax credit. That means money directly back into your pocket.
  • Some city and county governments in Arkansas have local, performance-based economic development incentives to augment those of the State of Arkansas.
  • Locations in Arkansas are typically very easy to procure and often without the hassle of needing permits. Local businesses and residents are most often eager to allow for shooting at low to no compensation
  • Preferred vendors throughout the state offer an additional 20% off their goods and services to augment the state’s rebate program
  • Arkansas is a right to work state ripe with crew and talent across all facets of production
  • Just a side note, Arkansas is home to one of the largest Blu-ray and DVD distributors on the planet (Walmart), supported by its Video on Demand partner, VUDU.

Rockhill Studios has streamlined the rebate process and offers the service of fast tracking your project as part of your production plan.

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